Best Review Of Tesla’s Autopilot.

If you watch YouTube, you might have come across David So. If you have never heard of him, he creates comedy videos and sometimes covers music on his YouTube Channel. He became more famous creating a Vlog about the infamous UCLA white girl complaining about Asians in her apartment complex.  The Vlog#4: Asians in the Library – UCLA Girl (Alexander Wallace) going wild on Asians currently has 5,714,335 views.

Anyway I came across his Tesla Review which is hilarious and his reactions to autopilot is as real as it gets. You can feel the anxiety and worry when he turns on autopilot.

I found it interesting that in the video he doesn’t hold on to the steering wheel when in autopilot mode. I’ve heard that Tesla wants your hands on the steering wheel while in autopilot mode to be safe. In the video, David has his hands completely away from the steering wheel.

Skip to the 5 minute mark for the autopilot part. Check out his hilarious review of Tesla here:


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