DAN A4-SFX v2 Kickstarter May 28th, 2017 6PM CET

Dan is ready to release another case -this time version 2.0. Mark your calendars because the Kickstarter will begin on May 28, 2017 6 PM CET.

dan a4-sfx v2

Below is all the info that was sent by email for those subscribed to https://www.dan-cases.com/:

“A4-SFX v2 on Kickstarter

On Sunday the 28th May, at 6 PM CET, the A4-SFX v2 & the Window Kit will be available for purchase on www.kickstarter.com. Please refer to www.dan-cases.com for the real time countdown. When the countdown reaches zero, please reload the page to see a link to the crowdfunding campaign.
What’s new?

With the ambition to make our products as perfect as possible, we analyzed every review that was made with the A4-SFX and all feedback received from the first campaign. We improved six features for the next A4-SFX evolution:

  • Cover for GPU mount area
  • Better alignment of USB port
  • Stamp-in motherboard stand-offs
  • 92mm fan or AIO mount point
  • Rubber case feet with better grip
  • Optional Window Kit for both sides

Reward Tiers

The Kickstarter campaign for the second version of the A4-SFX will have no quantity limits, but we don’t have unlimited storage space so every charge will have a maximum quantity of 2000 cases.

Window Kit – Black/Silver (500 units)
A4-SFX v2 – Black/Silver (1500 units)
A4-SFX v2 and Window Kit – Black/Silver (500 units)

Note: If a reward is sold out we will add more rewards for the second batch that will ship two month later.
How can I buy a case?

First select a reward. If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, Kickstarter will charge the money from you. Please make sure your credit card is valid. In some cases, you may need to contact your credit institute to authorize the charge.German backers can also pay via SEPA direct debit. Before we place the order with Lian Li, you will get a special Kickstarter form. With this form, we collect your address data and your choice of color for the product. After the production is done, we will start shipping.
Thank you for your interest! If you have further questions, please contact us at [email protected]




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