Fōkasu Is A Free Tool To Maximize Your Time! Increase Focus And Productivity!

For students, writers, creatives, designers -for everyone. Fōkasu is for everyone that values their time. It’s timer that will help create a more productive you. Fōkasu automatically counts down from 52 minutes -the ideal work productivity schedule. Studies have shown that 52 minutes is exactly how much time the brain can handle when focusing on work. After those 52 minutes, a 17 minute break should be taken in order to maximize focus and productivity.

Simple Timer
Fōkasu is a simple timer -but powerful tool to help you maximize your time and brain power. ​The ideal work to break ratio is 52/17. Work for 52 minutes then take a break for 17 minutes. 52 minutes is the perfect amount of time to get your work done. Studies have shown people who take effective breaks are the most productive people. The ideal break time should be 17 minutes in order to maximize productivity and refresh the mind.

The Magic Numbers 52 And 17.
Fōkasu is automatic. No need to set anything. Just open the website and press start to count down from 52 minutes. It will then give you an alert and an alarm to notify your 52 minutes of work is done. Then after your 52 minutes are done, the timer will automatically begin counting down from 17 minutes for your break. The cycle continues until you are finished with your work.


Add To iPhone Homescreen.
Fōkasu can be added to your iPhone homescreen and be used just like a regular app.
However for mobile users there are some caveats:

  1. iPhone’s auto-lock disabled. (So the phone does not go to sleep mode) Timer doesn’t work when phone is asleep.
  2. Web browser on the phone must be active and opened to the timer, (if the user goes to another application the timer resets for the iPhone).
  3. Do not go to any other applications on the iPhone or the timer will not work.
  4. For best use on mobile turn off auto-lock (set to never), switch on airplane mode, and plug in charger. Fōkasu must be the only application running (leave it active) in order for the timer to work. You must focus (Fōkasu) on your work and leave your phone alone once you start the timer*

*Desktop/Laptop users can just leave the website tab open in the background and carry on doing whatever work on the desktop/laptop.


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