How To Save Money On iPhone 7 Peel Cases.

The Peel cases have been known to be the best minimalist cases out there. They are brand free -meaning they don’t have any logos or names on the case. It is a completely naked case. Their belief is that the case is designed to keep the original look of your phone while still protecting it. They do a great job and if you have a Peel Case, it’s like not having a case at all. The ultra thin case is nice, but the cost isn’t as nice. At $29.99 (this cost includes shipping), the iPhone 7 Peel Cases are very expensive.

Peel does a very good job at branding and marketing. With a sleek website they are able to sell these cases at $29.99.

But what if I told you there is a much cheaper alternative and will only cost you half of the price of Peel Cases. You can find the exact same case here: Same material and same thickness, but different price. The TOZO case will only cost you $8.99. That’s right $8.99!! for the same exact case Peel sells.


When I ordered the TOZO I was afraid that it would have some branding on the case. I am big fan of Peel cases, however I think their prices are too high. I wanted to find a cheaper alternative. After searching, I read the reviews on amazon and there were some pictures, but I couldn’t tell if there were any branding on the TOZO case. On their new amazon product page, you can clearly see that there is no branding, but before they had pictures where you couldn’t tell. If you are still skeptical, I took some pictures of my own. Take a look here.

img_3026 img_3025 img_3024 img_3023 img_3022 img_3029 img_3029

Here is a Peel Case iPhone 6S plus comparison. As you can see they are very similar. The material feels exactly the same. They probably come from the same factory.

img_3035 img_3031img_3030

So if you are a big fan of Peel and want a cheaper alternative, you can find it on amazon here: I love the minimalism of the case and it feels like you aren’t carrying a case at all. I have been using Peel cases for almost two years on my iPhone 6 and 6S plus, and I can say that I have dropped my phone a few times. However, my iPhone hasn’t been damaged yet. Just don’t drop your iPhone from tall distances and your PEEL/TOZO case will protect your phone just fine.

*UPDATE from reddit users-

bd7349 -“Just a heads up, these cases can be had for even less if you buy them on eBay (shipping isn’t nearly as fast as prime). I bought one for $2.79 shipped from California. Should be here Monday and based on the product pictures it looks exactly the same as a Peel.”

ItsSeanP -“Yep I do the exact same. And if you have time to wait you can bulk order from China on eBay for around 90 cents a case. I usually buy around 5 at a time so I can always have a new one. Have one on my seven plus right now. Zero brand.”

You can find similar cases for even cheaper on ebay. Here’s one I found:

Although I have not found a 90 cent case. If you guys have any info on that I would be very interested.

iPhone 7 case TOZO.


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