Intel Optane vs Samsung 960 PRO – Which Is Faster?

Check out this new video from Linus about Intel’s new Optane SSD. No speeds were indicated, but they have benchmarks on load times on Windows boot and other game load times like GTA V. PCWorld revealed the speeds, although I am not sure if the speeds are correct. If they are, it looks like Samsung 960 PRO is still the king when it comes to the fastest SSD. The read and write speeds for the 960 PRO are:

  • Sequential Read Speed: Max 3,500 MB/sec
  • Sequential Write Speed: Max 2,100 MB/sec

According to PCWorld, Intel Optane Memory Speeds are:

  • Sequential Read Speed: 1.2GBps = 150 MB/s
  • Sequential Write Speed: 280 MB/sec

Check out the full article from PCWorld here.

Check out the Linus’ video below:


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