Mac Pro 2 Concept by Pascal Eggert!

Mac Pro 2 concept by Art Director Pascal Eggert is out and it’s all over the web. It’s a viral hit, and so it should be. This well designed concept image is amazing and has everything you wanted in a Mac Pro. The concept renders a beautifully placed GTX 1080, one of the best GPU cards out right now.

Although, I’m not sure why Pascal didn’t end up putting the Titan X Pascal version! As that is the most powerful GPU out right now and would’ve made more sense in a Mac Pro lineup. But all in all, these images look amazing. Thank you Pascal Eggert for making something that Apple is afraid of doing!

Apple has been ignoring the gaming scene and has made a huge mistake because gaming is a big industry and a huge moneymaker for computer companies. I hope Apple learns from these images and does something similar.


Credit goes to Pascal Eggert.

Mac Pro 2 Concept By Pascal Eggert
Twitter: @iPeg86

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