Origin PC Misleading Consumers! Performance Graphs Favoring Intel Over Ryzen!

Origin PC has been misleading consumers on their website using performance graphs. If you go on their website and try to customize a computer you will see this:

origin misleading 1

The graphs should be neck and neck to Intel, except for the gaming graph. The gaming graph is correct until they fix their issues, however the rest of the graphs should not be same. They also don’t include L2 Cache on the Ryzen Chart -which should be 4MB. They are misleading consumers with performance graphs and pricing. If you can buy a whole desktop with a 6950x processor (~$1,649.99) for $2,224 then we should all go buy one right now, because that is a steal at that price. It looks like Origin has been influenced by Intel and their money. This type of marketing is unacceptable. I hope people understand that Origin is misleading their customers with these kinds of practices and people need to be aware.



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