Samsung 960 Pro Temperature Range With ASUS Z270i

Samsung 960 Pro Temps

I got my hands on the newest ITX motherboard from ASUS – the Z270i. The special thing about this motherboard is that it has a special patent pending double-decker heat sink for M.2 SSDs. I wanted to test the double-decker heat sink with Samsung’s newest M.2 960 Pro lineup. I tested the Samsung 1TB 960 Pro version and placed it in the double-decker heat sink. Check out the unboxing and installation video of the Samsung 1TB 960 Pro here:

These were the results:

  • Minimum Value: 41 °C (105 °F)
  • Maximum Value: 51 °C (123 °F)
  • Value as of writing this: 43°C (110 °F)

Please comment below if you have any Samsung 960 PRO versions to compare temperatures. I would like to know what other temperatures people are getting with their 960 PROs.



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