This Is The Closest You’ll Get To Owning A Tesla Model S.

Tesla Model S is crazy expensive. It’s a game changing car, but it’s crazy expensive -it is for a reason. Tesla is a startup company. It’s business model was to sell luxury cars first to build some capital and then after creating enough capital, build a car cheap enough for everyone to buy. That’s Tesla’s plan. And its almost here. While we wait for the Model 3 to hit reservation release date, we can own an affordable Model S. Radio Flyer makers of the little red wagon and tricycle partnered with Tesla to make its own Model S for kids. It’s for ages 3-8, but I still want one. It has amazing similar high-end features like quick battery replacement for instant charges (if you have two batteries, you can charge the 2nd battery while your 1st battery is being used by your kids). Your kids will have the total Model S -you can choose the paint color, performance, and accessories. The Model S for kids comes with working headlights, frunk, spcacious interior, forward/reverse, and a sound system. Pre-Order the Model S for kids now for only $499.



Lights Frunk



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