To Compete With Twitter? New Pulse Social Network For Gamers.

Twitter has been in the spotlight for sometime. It has always had problems with becoming profitable. It still struggles to find its way to make money on its platform. Twitch however, may be profitable because why would a tech giant like Amazon buy it for $1.1 billion dollars? With over 509.2 million total visits last February, you can bet that Twitch is a tech giant itself. The gaming industry is massive and Twitch has a big share in it. Now, Twitch is introducing Pulse, a twitter-like platform for gamers.

Introducing Pulse from Twitch on Vimeo.

Pulse is a way to make it easier for streamers and viewers to engage with each other on Twitch -whether livstreaming or not.

“Introducing Pulse. A place where streamers can post and engage with all of their followers and the greater Twitch community right from the Twitch front page. It’s an always-on way to share clips, stream highlights, schedules, photos, and more so followers are more informed, engaged, and connected.

For streamers, the posts you create on your Channel Feed will also appear on Pulse on the front page to all of your friends & followers. This will allow you to not only interact with followers and viewers you regularly engage with, but also with those who might not visit your channel page as frequently. Channel Feed will be auto-enabled for all streamers in mid-March.

Pulse will begin its rollout TODAY for all logged in users on the Front Page. If you don’t see it immediately, don’t fret! You’ll get it within the next few weeks.”

Check out the official announcement on the Twitch Blog here.


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