Xiaomi Mi Mix – The True iPhone Killer.

Xiaomi have created a product that is truly great. Apple should be shaking in their boots because Xiaomi – the Apple of China, just created something more beautiful than the iPhone. Xiaomi took the crown for the most beautiful phone ever when they manufactured the Mi Mix. The Mi Mix is what consumers wanted all along. The thinnest bezel on a smartphone -making it almost look like you are just holding the display. The Mi Mix took the smartphone world by storm and everyone is excited about smartphones again. Reading Reddit comments, somebody wrote that the Mi Mix has “wowed” the people of Reddit, and in the same comment they say that a smartphone hasn’t been able to do that in years.

The Mi Mix is a concept phone brought to life! Remember what Steve Jobs said? He always looked at concept cars or other products and thought to himself why isn’t that put into production? Xiaomi has just done that -they have made the concept into reality. Apple lost their visionary leader and it took a Chinese company to take the crown from Apple. Just look at this phone, it is simply amazing! That’s what Apple would have to say. Simply amazing indeed.

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