AmazonBasics iPhone Case Prices So Low They Will Kill The Competition.

AmazonBasics have taken over the Amazon store. These are products that are for everyday use. Take for example, their best selling iPhone lightning cables -they sell for $6.49-$15.98 depending if you want a 2 pack and various lengths of the cable. These are prices that other competitors cannot beat. Amazon’s infrastructure is too strong -and they are able to sell these items at such a low price. Other competitors will soon be killed at this rate. Just look at the AmazonBasics iPhone Case Prices below:

amazon basic iphone cases

Third Party iPhone case manufacturers should be scared to death. Heck, Apple should be scared, just look at these prices! Amazon will run these competitors out of business. Check the prices yourself here:

Amazon is taking over the world with their AmazonBasics items. People are just not aware that Amazon is slowly becoming the household standard.


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