Dan Case A4-SFX The Best Gaming Case

Current State of PC Cases

If you take a look at the current selection of PC desktops out right now, you will come to realize that they are mostly unappealing. With exception of a few like Microsoft creating wonderful Desktops. But, if you take a look at the hardcore PC gaming desktops, you will realize that gamers love bright colorful lights. When did RGB lighting become a PC thing? Why do PC manufacturers make these bright and flashy PCs? Where are the great looking gaming PCs? Why are most Gaming PC’s look like they are about to transform into a robot. Well that is about to change hopefully.

SFF Cases or Small Form Factor

Small form factor cases have become a thing in the last few years. People wanted sleek and small looking PCs. They have bounded together on online forums and tried to create the smallest possible PCs. This resulted in something wonderful. There are a some out there in the world that thing PC’s can look great and be compact at the same time. These people are not attracted to flashy lights but only good design. They are drawn to using every little bit of space they possibly can. They hate wasted space. These are the SFF enthusiasts. They believe that they can make something wonderful. And it turns out they did.

The Success of Dan Case A4-SFX

This is the new breed of PCs. Sleek and well thought out. This is the result of lot’s of people coming together and believing in the same thing -small, but yet powerful PC machines. The Dan Case was possbile through online forums: Computer Base, expreme pc games hardware, hardforum, XX harwareluxx. They created a wonderful case that is able to fit a full size GPU. This is the Dan Case A4-SFX. It was sold out in minutes after being on sale on 2.1.17. Now everyone has to wait until Summer 2017 until they get their hands on one.

Mass Produce Dan Cases

There were a limited amout of Dan Cases being sold through resellers. This was probably the reason why they sold out quick. Another reason why they had limited stock was because of 3M’s PCIe extender. The extender uses 3M’s patented Twin Axial technology and is widely recognized as the most reliable PCIe extender on the market. The 3M extender takes very long to produce and this was causing the production delays.

Future of SFF

This is the future of PCs. Sleek, compact, and at the same time powerful. This is where PC gaming is headed. More and more PC gamers and PC enthusiasts are going to head this road. People will wonder why they console machines exist when they see a Dan Case A4-SFX machine out in the open. Maybe it is the true console killer. SFF is a small niche right now, however when more people see the Dan Case, the SFF community become greater.


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